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CASTO offers a full range of commercial and residential real estate services.

CASTO Services

CASTO is a multi-faceted organization that integrates a full range of real estate services managed by a highly responsive team of professionals. The full scope of our competencies are applied to our own projects, whether from ground-up, acquired or redeveloped, as well as those for clients seeking a single-source company for their real estate needs.

More than

million square feet of
commercial space

Asset Management


With the goal of optimizing performance, our asset management group oversees all aspects of each real estate asset with an eye toward maximizing its value to ensure future profitability. With this vision for long-term growth, we keep projects moving forward by providing the kind of comprehensive management and performance that produce results.

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CASTO Realty Group

Buying & Selling Homes
CASTO Residential Realty

First time home buying can be overwhelming. Our expert REALTORS® will help you navigate the process, negotiate the sale terms, and avoid common mistakes. We offer assistance through personal coaching, a resource library and educational seminars. We pledge to make this an informed and exciting stage of life.

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Commercial Acquisitions & Dispositions


With decades of real estate experience, our acquisitions and dispositions team has a proven track record of success when it comes to commercial properties. We provide investors with best-in-class market knowledge and transaction execution throughout the Midwest and Southeast markets.

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Commercial Development


Our team possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome challenges and find solutions for both development and redevelopment projects. With a thorough understanding of your goals and objectives, we will provide comprehensive commercial development solutions that range in levels of involvement.

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Retail Lease


Strategically leasing spaces within commercial properties that will thrive within the community. With CASTO as your leasing partner, you will benefit from our customer base of more than 1,700 current national, regional and local tenants. Leasing is a business of relationships and our team is ready to help you make those important contacts.

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Commercial Maintenance


Companies seeking a single-source for their maintenance needs can rely on CASTO’s commitment to client service and our ability to enhance the value of real estate assets. Exceeding our clients’ expectations of what third-party maintenance should be, we deliver what we promise.

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Commercial Property Management

Property Management

The decision to contract for property management services allows you the freedom to do what you do best, and leave the nitty-gritty of property management to the experts. CASTO currently manages more than 18 million square feet of commercial space. We will work closely with you to identify, develop and implement property management strategies that not only protect, but also add value to your investments. Our network of talented and committed associates and resources all contribute to the goal of helping owners achieve their financial objectives.

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Financial Services


CASTO provides comprehensive financial management of each asset for our owners and investors. Our financial services include mortgage banking, commercial mortgage loan servicing, and construction loan, equity investment, mezzanine financing and brokerage services. We have established and continue to maintain excellent relationships with financial institutions, institutional lenders and equity investors to facilitate capital formation for the financing of real estate developments, construction and acquisitions as well as the refinancing of existing commercial and multifamily properties.

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Residential Development


With more than 6,200 apartment units in our portfolio, CASTO has been building places for people to call home since its establishment in 1926. Our communities are designed to meet the demand of residents’ active lifestyles through innovative home design, modern amenities and strategic locations. We invest in great neighborhoods and seek ways to connect residents to their surroundings to create a vibrant community.

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Property Management

Property Management

CASTO is a single-source real estate company which focuses on adding value through detailed operations, strategic marketing and resident retention. CASTO has nearly 4,700 units under management and retains a 98% occupancy rate across its portfolio. We pride ourselves on doing things The CASTO Way, which has been the recipe of our success for more than 90 years. Our experienced property management team provides excellent customer services that make residents feel more at home.

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Tenant Retention


Exceeding our clients’ expectations, our tenant coordination team delivers what they promise. Armed with the expertise necessary to handle the most complex projects adeptly and expeditiously, we have the proven ability to work with multiple owners and
manage a large portfolio of properties.

We provide a single point of contact for owners and have excellent lines of communications with consultants, contractors and municipality officials.

In addition to effectively coordinating the involvement of our in-house development, leasing, construction and property management professionals. We have successfully completed tenant coordination projects for many national, regional and local tenants in Ohio, North Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, Virginia and Alabama.

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Our timely and accurate estimates and construction schedules enable owners to make informed decisions about their assets. We align tenant coordination expenses to specific projects on an as-needed basis and our network of skilled subcontractors consistently deliver on-time performance.

Our tenant coordination services include:
• Conceptual design services
• Pre-lease/Development consultation
• Tenant communications
• Lease construction exhibit negotiation
• Developing shopping center tenant handbook
• Estimates
• A&E coordination for landlord work
• Post-lease landlord construction management
• Post-lease tenant monitoring
• Tenant plan review
• Tenant sign review

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Third Party Services


CASTO provides services to clients that want a single-source company for all their real estate needs, as well as those that need a specific third-party service. Helping owners achieve their financial objectives by leveraging core competencies, market strengths and competitive advantages in ways that maximize value and produce returns, we are able to craft innovative solutions within critical time constraints.

Our third-party services include (but are not limited to) property management, leasing, development, tenant coordination, commercial maintenance, real estate tax consulting, acquisitions, dispositions and financial services.

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